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ODO "Iron" is a dynamically developing company, positioning on the market for more than 21 years, more than ten years acting as an independent customer of construction and performing the functions of technical supervision in construction. The fundamental principles of the company are housing construction for all categories of citizens in the shortest possible time at a reasonable cost.

Today, the company employs more than 1000 highly qualified specialists who make up the solid managerial, engineering and working potential of the collective labor.

Our projects are developed by our own design workshop, which employs about 70 specialists, whose modern solutions and innovations ensure high quality and comfort of residential buildings being built..

Its own construction company carries out the construction and installation works, has its own modern equipment and technical base of more than 50 units of various construction equipment. And also our own production of plastic windows, aluminum stained glass and metal structures. This is a significant improvement in the cost of building and installing.

6. Register the ownership of the apartment in the RUE "Minsk City Land Registry Office" at the address: Minsk, st. Bogdanovich, 153 after the redemption of bonds (!), You should have a passport and ACT of acceptance and transfer with you. Specify the date of the beginning of the application for the ownership of the President of the Partnership of Owners .

Levada will be located away from noisy avenues, surrounded by natural park areas: nearby are Victory Park, Drozdy Reservoir and Komsomolskoe Lake. The Svisloch River flows within walking distance of the new complex. On the opposite bank of the river by Dreamland Park, in the near future will be an all-season ski arena.

As it turns out in practice, buying doors in Kazan is not an easy task. The difficulty lies in the problem of a wide range. The market is literally "drowning" in various types of designs, designs, styles and price options. Such a choice of buyers, which leads to disappointment. The choice of the door should be approached deliberately, resorting to the help of professionals. The managers of our company are highly qualified specialists and are always ready to help..

Our company values ​​its reputation and offers only high quality products. We clearly fulfill our obligations, we are responsible for each unit of goods!

Share the highlights of travel and extreme events with friends and family. Three colors (black, blue, yellow), multifunctionality, high-quality video shooting and a large number of accessories allow you to use the ProCam 4K action camera to the maximum.

ProCam 4K is equipped with a WI-FI function that provides a lot of possibilities: online transfer of captured photo and video material to a smartphone or laptop, remote control of the camera using the application.

The AIRON ProCam 4K action camera shoots in 4K at 25 frames / s, 2.7K at 30 frames / s, Full HD at 60 frames / s, 30 frames / s - all this provides a bright and clear image, breathtaking and inspiring new feats.

AIRON's fully wireless headphones come in stylish, modern, innovative design. Enjoy your favorite tracks all day without the slightest feeling of discomfort. After all, the control buttons are ergonomically located in such a way that when pressed, they do not press in the ear, providing maximum ease of use. With a light touch of the multifunction button on any headphone, you can turn on the music, adjust the volume or complete the call. In addition, the ergonomic shape and low weight guarantee..

The compact case has two functions - storing the headphones and charging them. Just put AirTune Freedom in a box and they will start charging automatically. The capacitive battery of the charging case provides up to 5 full headphone charges. In addition, to maximize the comfort of the headphones, an automatic on and off function is available. As soon as you leave the headphones, they will automatically turn on and vice versa. Any device equipped with the Bluetooth function is connected automatically (to the first pairing, which must be done manually),.

Contamos con Hacemos a medida el desarrollo that necesitas para empresa o proyecto a de metodologías ágiles -SCRUM- y personalizadas, in that priority usabilidad y the tecnologíaexpertos in diferentes áreas dentro del ábito dent.